I am highly pleased to put the new website of my college into action. Now most of the institutions of the developed countries are dependent on information and communication technology. Now the civilized world can not go even for a day with information and communication technology. When the whole country is changing rapidly due to ICT our college must take advantage of it. To make our college a digital one the near web-site has been installed.

Circular, Notice and different types of form which are published from NU, DG, Open University, Education Boards and many other organizations can be found easily through this website. It will help us to develop the quality of our education which will enable our student to keep pace with over-changing world. Our honorable Chairman played a great role for the newly installed web-site with his directives and cordial co-operation.

I do hope that the new website will be of great benefit to the teachers and students. Long live Katirhat Mohila Degree College.


Katirhat Mhila Degree College