It is my pleasure to know that Katirhat Mohila Degree College is going to launch a new website. The golden jubilee of Bangladesh independence will be observed in 2021. Taking the year as a vision, Bangladesh has already fixed her target of achieving ‘Digital Bangladesh’ with in that particulars time. The govt. is committed to the nation for implementing ‘Digital Bangladesh’ and regarding this it Bangladesh and regarding this at has taken many steps to see the country in a proper position among other high tech countries. When the world has come closer with the development of hi-tech communication, the students of my college can not remain out of the access of ICT.

Students may use computer to prepare their study materials. They can collect various information regarding their study through internet. So, promotion of education will be ensured.

I hope that the newly installed website will make a great deal of progress with the benefit of modern technology.


Katirhat Mohila Degree College